The courses below represent supplemental training that adds value to a Dealerships long term success. We all know that a happy employee is a productive employee. These courses are designed to build and enhance one’s basic skill sets.

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Winners VS Losers

51 Chapters - 51 Sessions

“Success breeds success” is a reality. In some cases, all you need to do is expose a student to the pros and cons of a victory. This course shares what it takes to be successful in the car business and in life. It is a MUST for all employees

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Stress Management

33 Chapters - 33 Sessions

You will not hear that a career in the car business is easy or stress free. This course was designed specifically for those who work in this industry. The concepts shared will help one to understand where stress comes from, how to minimize its effects and how to deal with any remaining stress.

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Time Mangement

29 Chapters - 147 Sessions

Poor Time Management affects everyone and if allowed, can be our worst enemy. Knowing how to manage your time at home and at work are critical. This course outlines the effects of poor time management vs. the benefits of effective time management and includes a systematic process you can implement immediately.

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Phone Operator

59 Chapters - 59 Sessions

The true voice of your Dealership is the person who answers the phone every day. Essentially, they are the face of the company that expresses that the Dealership is open and would love for you to visit. This course will give the Phone Operator the steps needed to be the Manager of Public Opinion.

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Inventory Acquisition

13 Chapters - 65 Sessions

Every Dealership today is struggling with inventory, both new and used. To acquire inventory a Dealership must be creative in every way. This course exposes all the unique ways to acquire cars through methods that are simple and effective.