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Sales BDC

Whether you have a BDC Department or your sales staff handles your internet leads, without the proper training you lose leads daily. This program will provide the most effective tools and processes to convert your internet leads into appointments.


Service BDC

The Service Department is an area that has a huge opportunity for more business. It is also an area where creating customer loyalty is very important. This program is designed to create more repeat customers and buyers by converting callers into customers.


Sales In Service

The goal of the person who handles the initial inquiry to the dealership is to set an appointment. This is true for both Sales and Service. This course is designed to ensure that every lead whether it is on the phone, internet or an email sets an appointment to come to your dealership and not the competition.



Available Dates
March 5 - March 6   SOLD
March 7 - March 8   SOLD
March 12 - March 13   SOLD
March 14 - March 15   SOLD
March 19 - March 20   SOLD
March 21 - March 22   SOLD
March 26 - March 27   SOLD
March 28 - March 29   SOLD
April 2 - April 3   AVAILABLE
April 4 - April 5   AVAILABLE
April 8 - April 9   AVAILABLE
April 10 - April 11   AVAILABLE
April 15 - April 16   AVAILABLE
April 17 - April 18   AVAILABLE
April 23 - April 24   SOLD
April 25 - April 26   SOLD
May 1 - May 2   AVAILABLE
May 6 - May 7   AVAILABLE
May 8 - May 9   AVAILABLE
May 13 - May 14   AVAILABLE
May 15 - May 16   AVAILABLE
May 21 - May 22   SOLD
May 23 - May 24   AVAILABLE
May 28 - May 29   SOLD



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Our Corporate Offices are in Melbourne, FL

Sales, Fixed Ops, F&I, BDC and Management

All Trainers are DLA Certified and have extensive knowledge and management background in the automotive industry and in specific areas.

We offer both one-time and ongoing training solutions.

DLA Trainers are your dedicated Performance Partners with regular engagement and access both daily and weekly.


Yes, our training is effective whether you have a dedicated BDC or your sales staff handles the leads and phone calls.

Yes, our trainers have built dozens of BDC’s from the ground up. We can develop one for your dealership that will help you achieve your goals.

We can work with you to decide if not having a dedicated BDC vs having one will achieve your goals or if a hybrid model BDC will address your specific needs.

Absolutely, a large part of our training in the dealership will consist of training your management staff on how to better lead your BDC department to a greater level of success.