The Service Department is the heartbeat of the Dealership. It is critical to the Dealerships profitability and Customer retention. These courses detail how to avoid setbacks in your Service Department through effective training and applying concepts that work.

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Service Advisor

36 Chapters - 274 Sessions

Service Advisors often view themselves as Service Writers not recognizing that this perception will keep them from finding success. This section teaches the Service Advisor how to sell service while providing great Customer care. Heavy emphasis is placed on upselling products, achieving higher CSI scores and providing the Customer with a first-rate experience.

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Understanding the Serivice Customer

7 Chapters - 44 Sessions

Whether it is for routine maintenance or a repair, it is not unusual for Service Customers to feel inconvenienced and have some level of anxiety when visiting the Dealership. Understanding how the customer thinks, reacts and responds is critical to success. This course gives new insight to better understand the customers we encounter each day.

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54 Service Department Failure Points

55 Chapters - 55 Sessions

A Dealerships Service Department has its own pulse and many of its processes and procedures were developed years ago. This course exposes the viewer to the 54 most critical failure points and how to correct them to perform in today’s fast paced Service Department.

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27 Signs You are Losing Money in Your Service Department

27 Sessions

Losing money in a Dealerships Service Department is now becoming an acceptable option. Within this course the viewer will be exposed to the 27 Most Common Signs of Financial Loss within the Service Department and how to correct them.

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Advanced Service Drive Techniques

15 Chapters - 65 Sessions

Capturing revenue within the Service Department begins with the Meet & Greet and continues through to the delivery of the car, back to the Customer. This advanced course details out every step in the customer process, with helpful ideas for making the customer experience better and how to create more profits for the Dealership.