The DLA Sales Philosophy is to produce a sale on the fundamentals of Inspirational Selling. This concept removes the pressure from the Customer, allowing the Salesperson to present in a manner that is conducive to creating value while increasing sales volume and grosses.

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14 Chapters - 154 Sessions

This module covers the basic selling steps from the Meet & Greet through the Service Walk. The concepts presented, put the Salesperson in the Customers shoes empowering them to make a better presentation. This course has been designed for both the new hire and the experienced Salesperson.

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Common Mistakes Customers Make

12 Chapters - 113 Sessions

Salespeople still use the same processes that were put into practice over 40 years ago. This series breaks down the most common mistakes Salespeople make every day while instilling the skills to present to today’s customer. This course is a MUST for anyone who is involved in the sales process.

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Selling Cars During Covid 19

23 Chapters - 118 Videos

This series focuses on how to safely sell cars to customers who visit the Dealership as well as to those who wish to shop online during COVID-19. Additional topics include how to make a virtual presentation and delivery.

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10 Chapters - 64 Videos

Most Salespeople do not have the basic framework to overcome customer objections. This segment lays out a complete road map with structured steps and proper responses that are essential for overcoming objections and closing a deal. Included are sample responses to some of the most common Customer objections.

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Phone Ups

5 Chapters - 66 Sessions

Most Salespeople are never trained on the basic Phone-Up skills. Yet, the number one closing opportunity is when these individuals visit the dealership. This series of videos educates the student with structured steps on how, when and what to say which will result in more Phone-Up Customers visiting your Dealership.

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10 Chapters - 82 Sessions

Negotiations are the crowning achievement of a great sales presentation, but most fall short in this critical step. This series includes the fundamentals of how to negotiate a car deal down a path which includes some unique and effective closing methods.

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4 Chapters - 32 Sessions

Most Salespeople are never taught the benefits that Leasing offers both the Customer and the Dealership. This series lays out the value of leasing, how a lease works, and how to present a lease with maximum results. Plus, a process for staying in touch with the Lease Customer to ensure a smooth renewal process.

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Prospecting in Service

5 Chapters - 28 Sessions

One of the most missed opportunities within the Dealership sales department is tapping into the customers who visit the dealership Service Department each day. This course provides a road map on how to prospect, present and close Customers who are in the Service Department.

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Sold Customer Follow Up

2 Chapters - 8 Sessions

A Salesperson who fails to maintain an ongoing relationship with their sold Customers, simply regards what they do as nothing more than a job. This course offers a set of follow-up steps that will ensure the Salesperson establishes a return customer and how to create new prospects from these Customers.

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Handling Interest Rates

6 Chapters - 19 Sessions

When a Customer mentions payments, term or interest rates, Salespeople often get disoriented and lose focus on the goal of selling the car. This course will illustrate how to move away from these topics and concentrate on selling the car.

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Goal Setting

4 Chapters - 22 Sessions

Most Salespeople tend not to set goals for what they wish to achieve. This course is designed to teach the benefits of short, medium and long-term goals and how to create, follow and monitor them for success.

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Psychology for Buyers

9 Chapters - 54 Sessions

Knowing how buyers think, react and behave during the sales process is critical for one’s success in the car business. This chapter details how to adapt your sales presentation by understanding the thoughts, fears and apprehensions of a customer in order to sell more cars.

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Retail Digital Sales for Salespeople

12 Chapters - 63 Sessions

Most manufacturers are going to require in the next 2 years that all Dealerships have a Digital Retail plan. Some will require a dedicated person as the Digital Retail Salesperson. This course is the basic foundation for operating a Retail Digital Sales Department.

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Ultimate Sales Guide

110 Sessions

The Ultimate Sales Guide is a course for those Salespeople who genuinely want to take their success to the next level. This course covers 110 key elements for success. It provides an outlined structure to make any Salesperson efficient and productive.