The success of a Dealership is directly impacted by the success of its management team. These Management courses will showcase how you can build a team of leaders that will take any Dealership to the next level.

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Sales Management

21 Chapters - 107 Sessions

The traditional style of Management is in the past. Sales Managers today need to be proficient Leaders, Coaches and Closers. This course exposes a Management style that is more conducive to training and retaining a sales staff in order to close more deals.

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Service Management

34 Chapters - 255 Sessions

A successful Service Manager must be a strong leader who understands the latest processes and values each Customer with an equal code of conduct. This course provides a modern process to successfully operate a Service Department in today’s competitive world.

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105 Chapters - 105 Sessions

Without a Leader there is no collective goal for a team to achieve. Authentic Leaders understand the significance of this responsibility. This series describes the importance of strong leadership and what it takes to lead a team to success.

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Emoloyee Orientation

16 Chapters - 82 Sessions

Staff retention is one of the biggest concerns for a Dealership. The lack of onboarding a new employee properly has a direct impact on turnover. This course provides a complete outline on how to prepare, conduct and prepare a new hire for a long-lasting career at your Dealership.

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Leadership in COVID-19

10 Chapters - 47 Sessions

Leadership skills are even more crucial to a dealership’s success during a pandemic as well as any serious, unexpected or dangerous occurrence. This course teaches the importance of Leadership during the pandemic and the set of skills needed to create a safe environment.

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Increase Profits By 50k per Month

18 Chapters - 211 Sessions

This course offers a complete analysis of a dealerships finances and exposes the failure points in each department. We will provide the tools and concepts to address those areas and assist the Dealership in increasing their revenue by a minimum of $50,0000 per month.

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Advanced Negotiations for Managers

14 Chapters - 75 Sessions

This course is necessary for all Sales Managers. Within these 14 chapters all aspects of Negotiations are covered. Topics include Early Management Introduction, the Manager "TO" Process, the 5 Stages of Negotiations, Understanding the Customer During the Negotiations, and much more.