A BDC Department is the gateway to every Dealerships success. Most verbal and procedural errors are directly related to outdated processes costing the Dealership sales and service revenue. These courses are designed to show you how to develop a 5-star BDC team.

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Sales BDC

25 Chapters - 209 Sessions

This course teaches the BDC team the importance of the inbound lead, the follow-up sales call and the value of an established customer relationship. Topics include how to create a sales script, follow-up steps and long term BDC methods to set strong appointments with buyers who will show up.

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Service BDC

14 Chapters - 87 Sessions

Nearly 95% of all service revenue begins with an inbound call to set an appointment, get a price or ask for a diagnosis over the phone. If not handled properly, this Customer will take their business elsewhere. This course provides the fundamental skills to secure more appointments without quoting a price or a diagnosis over the phone. You will also learn follow-up practices that will result in more customers returning to your service department.