DLA’s In-Dealership training is invaluable when it comes to maximizing your dealership's results!

  • Sales
  • Negotiations/Objections
  • Phone-Ups
  • Selling Cars in Service
  • F&I
  • BDC
  • Fixed Ops



Sales Presentations

Automotive sales success relies on effective communication, having a strong sales presentation and the ability to negotiate. This program is essential for both new hires and seasoned salespeople who want to see an immediate improvement in both sales and gross.



When a customer objects they simply have a concern that causes hesitation. Knowing what objections to expect and how to handle them is the difference in continuing or delaying the process. This program demonstrates how to overcome any objection and get you closer to the sale.


Phone Ups

To effectively handle the customer’s first point of contact with the dealership, it is important to understand why the phone is so important and how to use it to create more traffic. This program is a must for mastering the phone and learning how to convert these leads into customers who show and buy.


Prospecting & Follow-Up

Because of the price alone, automotive sales prospecting can be difficult. Knowing exactly what it means to prospect, and the types of prospecting will turn your efforts into leads. This program will help you discover how to generate more leads and sell more cars.


Selling Cars In Service

It takes dedication and persistence to sell cars in service. You must have an attitude for success and have a strong action plan. This is a unique program that shows you how to easily sell more cars to customers who bring their cars in for service.



Negotiating is a fundamental skill in cars sales and to get a positive outcome during this stage it is critical to understand the customers way of thinking. This program is necessary in helping your staff become effective negotiators in today’s market.



Available Dates
June 4 - June 5   SOLD
June 6 - June 7   SOLD
June 11 - June 12   SOLD
June 13 - June 14   SOLD
June 18 - June 19   AVAILABLE
June 20 - June 21   SOLD
June 24 - June 25   AVAILABLE
June 26 - June 27   SOLD
July 2 - July 3   SOLD
July 9 - July 10   AVAILABLE
July 11 - July 12   SOLD
July 16 - July 17   AVAILABLE
July 18 - July 19   SOLD
July 23 - July 26   SOLD
July 30 - July 31   SOLD



What People Say





Our Corporate Offices are in Melbourne, FL

Sales, Fixed Ops, F&I, BDC and Management

All Trainers are DLA Certified and have extensive knowledge and management background in the automotive industry and in specific areas.

We offer both one-time and ongoing training solutions.

DLA Trainers are your dedicated Performance Partners with regular engagement and access both daily and weekly.


Our Trainers will work within the parameters of your existing sales process. Concepts will be introduced to enhance your existing process, as well as ideas will be shared with Management ONLY of some different process to review.

Half the day will be classroom training in a group environment. The other half of the day will be individual coaching and role playing.

Extremely involved. Effective training includes the entire Management team to allow for concept development, ongoing training and continued support.

Yes, F&I will be included in this training. Our average Dealership realizes an increase of $500 - $750 per retail unit.

Yes, our Trainers are familiar with all of the different Dealership CRM’s.