In-Dealership Training

Take your Sales, Management and Service to the NEXT LEVEL!

A Brief Summary

With our Custom In-Dealership training solutions, your Dealership will receive personalized training designed to meet your specific needs.  Your team will learn new ideas and concepts that will move them to the next level of success.

Get Results

Our training is designed to make steady monthly improvements in both your Sales and Service Departments:

  • Add an additional 4-6 cars per Salesperson
  • Increase grosses by $300-$500 per car
  • Realize an additional 40-60% in Fixed Ops Service Revenue


Take your Sales and Service Departments to the NEXT LEVEL!

In-Dealership Training Programs

Our intensive in-dealership training programs are typically one to two days, every four to five weeks. Each month the trainer will focus on a different area predetermined in advance by you and your management team. Each training day is divided into 2 repetitive sessions to enable everyone to attend. All training is in a structured environment with workbooks and assignments to be completed for the next visit.

The monthly fee includes:

  • Course materials
  • Access to DLA Online Training for all Dealership personnel
  • Access to our Philadelphia Training Center

Sales training topics include:

  • Sales Processes
  • Phone Ups
  • Objections
  • Negotiations
  • Prospecting
  • Sold & Unsold Customer Follow-up
  • Leasing for Salespeople
  • Understanding the Customer

F&I Training topics include:

  • Menu Selling
  • Objection Responses
  • Bank Relations
  • Conversions
  • Secondary Credit

Internet/BDC topics include:

  • Basic BDC/Internet sales processes
  • Advanced BDC/Internet sales processes
  • Understanding the Online Customer
  • Email & Chat Dialogue
  • Inbound Phone skills
  • How to increase the rate of appointments
  • Internet Sales

Sales Management topics include:

  • Advanced Sales Management Concepts
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Leasing for Managers
  • Used Car Management
  • Leadership/Coaching
  • Hiring/Motivation

Fixed Ops topics include:

  • Advanced Service Management Concepts
  • Service Advisor processes
  • Walk around presentations
  • Handling inbound phone opportunities
  • The power of Video
  • Understanding the Service Customer
  • Parts Management

Each topic represents a different DLA Trainer who specializes in their specialized area of expertise.

Training Staff

All Training is done by DLA Certified Trainers who are employed by David Lewis & Associates. Our Trainers have extensive backgrounds in specific areas of the Dealership and come from a wide range of Retail Automotive experience. Feel confident that your Dealership will engage in a superior Training Program with a strong curriculum and top-notch Trainers.

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