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The heartbeat of every Dealership is the Sales Department and the Salespeople who represent your business to the public. Unfortunately, the training most have received is just a reproduction of what was taught 30 years ago. The sad thing is the results also remain the same. Our Sales Training Programs are based on the best-selling book, ‘The Secrets of inspirational Selling’ by David Lewis. Students are taught a structured sales process designed to earn the Customers business through unique and inspiring methods that distinguish them from the competition and create loyal Customers for life.

Sales Managers

Having a top quality Sales Management team is critical to the success of your Dealership. Highly motivated car Salespeople have strong personalities and require strong Leaders who can earn their respect through the knowledge and guidance they display on a daily basis. Knowing the business is one thing; knowing how to lead and motivate a sales staff to reach their highest potential is another. Our Sales Management Training is a program in Leadership, empowerment and productivity. We teach Managers how to Coach and guide their Salespeople to develop and achieve goals that will raise their professional abilities and results to new heights. Heavy emphasis is placed on Team Development using a one-on-one approach designed to empower each team member’s natural gifts based on their unique personality and character traits.

F&I Managers

Whether your F&I Managers are new to this department or seasoned professionals who know the ropes, this training is for them. Our F&I Management Programs deliver new and highly energized tools and methods for maximizing the profits of your department without sacrificing Customer satisfaction in the process. Students learn the most current and unsurpassed product presentation methods for selling F&I Products, including advanced Menu Selling concepts and the most effective and acceptable responses to Customers Objections. Upon completion of our program, most students report an increase of $200 - $400 per retail unit. Students also learn how to lower Customer defenses, maximize product sales and earn high Customer Satisfaction Ratings for their F&I Department.

Internet/BDC Managers

Our Training Program for Internet/BDC Managers is essential training for any Dealership that has already established a BDC or is looking to create one for their business. Students taking this course are exposed to the various models of BDCs and the latest operating trends being used. They learn how to determine what types and methods of training are most effective for their Dealership and how to elevate their staff to their highest levels of performance. We cover all areas of BDC Management including Hiring, Sales, Service, Prospecting and CRM. Our students are taught how to effectively train and motivate their BDC staff to utilize the new dynamics of email, social media, video media and inspirational phone sales skills.

Internet/BDC Staff

Our Internet/BDC Staff training program gives the student solid communication skills for selling and creating effective dialogue with Customers. We cover all areas of Customer communications including Email, Chat, Phone skills, Social Media and Customer follow-up. Students learn the 4-Step BDC Sales process and how to inspire Customers to make an appointment to come to their Dealership. We train the proper way to conduct a video walk-around and how to utilize social and video media to present your inventory and Dealership in the most professional and effective ways possible. This training is an effective program for BDC staff to attain a higher level of production, regardless of their past experience in the retail automotive business.

Secondary Finance Managers

This program teaches Secondary Finance Managers how to successfully harness the tremendous profits available in the Secondary Finance market. With the massive credit challenges facing today’s car buyers, learning how to identify and service those who would benefit from Secondary Financing is well worth the effort. The number of lenders available today for this type of service is again growing rapidly and does not carry the negative stigma it once did. Students learn how to sell the benefits of Secondary Financing to their Customers and how to understand the requirements of the different lenders. We teach how to complete a proper book-out to avoid lost profits and how to interpret wholesale values as they are viewed by the various lenders across the country. We also train on effective ways to create and market a profitable Secondary inventory.

Service Advisors

This training is specifically designed to train those who want to become professional Service Advisors and for Service Writers with the desire to elevate their skills to the next level. Students learn the do’s and don’ts of professional Service Advisors and how to manage the flow of Customers in such a way that maximum results are achieved in the least amount of time. We view the Service Department from the Customers perspective and train on effective techniques to avoid losing business to your local Secondary Repair shops. We teach effective up-selling techniques and how to listen effectively to Customers in order to properly assess the needs they have and how best to meet them. Every aspect of a professional Service Advisors job is covered.

Service Managers

Our Service Management training is designed to raise the effectiveness and profitability of your Service Department to the highest level possible. A well-run Service Department is a major profit center for any Dealership and the success of the operation depends largely upon the quality of your Service Manager. Students learn how to manage and guide their staff for maximum productivity and how to measure their results for proper control and dynamic improvement. They learn the value of effective presentations and how much the appearance of the Service Department plays in adding value to the Customers experience. Students are taught proven techniques for motivating all staff members, and proper scheduling procedures to create maximum efficiency and effective time management for increased Customer satisfaction.

Parts Managers

As part of the Service Department, a Parts Manager's job is a multi-faceted position that impacts the entire Dealership. Our training provides the Parts Manager with Leadership and Personnel Management skills in areas dealing with their staff, Customers, Technicians and suppliers. Students learn proper Inventory Management procedures and how to motivate their staff for effective up-selling while maintaining the highest level of Customer satisfaction. They are taught new ways to promote their part of the Dealership services for high profitability as well as how to sell after-market products based on their geographical location and Customer demographics. Wholesale parts marketing, distribution and inventory control is also a big part of this training.

Body Shop Managers

This training is designed to help Dealerships that currently operate a Body Shop and those now outsourcing their work who want to develop their own in-house Collision Center. We train Body Shop Managers how to find skilled professionals that can produce the highest quality of work for their Customers. Students learn how to increase per transaction sales and boost productivity while reducing cycle times. They are taught how to work closely with insurance companies to build rapport and earn their referral business while working with manufacturers to receive certification for repairing the specific vehicles they manufacture. Every aspect of Body Shop Management is covered in this training to help the Dealership gain new repair business Customers and increase Dealership profits through their Service Department.

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