Factory Recalls

The auto industry is setting records with the growing number of safety recalls, according to the 2018 NHSTA recall report, over 14,000 recalls were issued and around 30 million cars were affected. While recalls are never good news for your customers, they do present a unique opportunity for connecting with them. The recall will drive the customer to make an appointment with the Service Department, all you have to do is follow these three simple steps to turn this negative experience into a positive one.

  1.  Encourage your staff to be Proactive - Just because the manufacturer will be sending our recall notices does not mean that your dealership shouldn't send any out. Make scheduling appointments easy for your customers by either having them schedule their appointment online of by calling them to remind them about the recall and suggest available times for them. Do not schedule more than you can handle in any given day, this will just crowd your waiting room and make it uncomfortable for the customer.
  2. Stock up - There is no worse experience than taking your car for a recall and having the service advisor tell  you that they are out of the part that needs to be replaced.
  3. Take your time - Be thorough with the customer's car, don't just take care of the recall and return the car, suggest any maintenance that the car might benefit from.

The fact that dealerships make their major profits from selling parts and maintenance rather than from selling new cars should be a real incentive for re-thinking the opportunity that factory recalls can bring to your Service Department.


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