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Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services using the internet. When we think of digital marketing we often think of social media because of the amount of time we spend on it. Two hours and twenty-two minutes if you are interested in the average time spent. While I don't think that an introduction on what social media of digital marketing is necessary for most of us, there are still many dealerships that don't take advantage of the internet and it's online community. Which is surprising considering that digital marketing has been around since the 1980's ( 
The average adult spends close to six hours a day on the internet. These are potentially 4,536,248,808 billion people that your dealership can reach with online marketing ( Online marketing can be a bit overwhelming to handle when you are just getting started, SEO is still a mystery to most of us, so for today, we will just tackle social media marketing. If you are interested in a description on the types of online marketing CBT News has a great article on their website Automotive Digital Marketing - A Comprehensive Guide
There are my social media platforms out there, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok, snapchat, to name a few. It does feel overwhelming but a key practice is to choose 1 and perfect the use of the platform for your content. As Gary Vaynerchuk says "content follows context" not all social media platforms will be successful for the content you wish to produce. Experiment and adjust accordingly. Posting content is not the only way to market on social media, paid advertisements based on re-marketing campaigns are also a good way of reaching more people or better, reminding them that you are there. 

How does your dealership market it's products or services?

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