Age of the Customer

If we are striving to create better connections with our customers, should we really start off by questioning their ability to purchase a car that speaks to them? DLA doesn't think so, this begs the question, why do many car salesmen still start off by asking; what is your budget?

No customer will feel at ease with this question, they may expect it, but they won't like it. Many customers still approach a car dealership on edge and anticipating an uncomfortable situation. When you ask about their budget or how they will pay for a car, you may as ...

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How Your Customer Perceives You Matters

Have you ever "Googled" car salesman memes? They will tell you a lot about how people perceive salesmen. They are perceived as dishonest, only caring about the sale and never the customer. It's almost like Jack Sparrow said: "Me, I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest, honestly..."

What do these preconceived notions mean for car salesmen? Customers approach the dealership on high alert, they are expecting to be lied to and their wishes ignored. they expect the same gimmick as the car salesman meme. You know, "taps roof of car.. proceeds to say ...

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5 Social Media Tips to Help Your Business

Sometimes social media is hard to navigate. The algorithms keep changing and getting seen or heard is becoming a challenge. But as with any challenge, you should face this one head on and keep exploring new platforms and new ways to promote your business or product. No matter the platform you choose to promote your business on, these five tips will help you stay on top of the social media game.

  1. Think of yourself as a brand - let your posts and pictures showcase who you are.
  2. Put yourself out there - try ...

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How to Measure the Value of Professional Sales Training

Any business entity that decides to take on the commitment of training employees for higher levels of skill and achievement would certainly want to know that their training dollars are being well spent.
  Calculating your ROI (Return On Investment) properly is not as easy as just adding up how much your profit has increased or decreased as a result of your investment in training.  Discovering whether or not you are getting value for your investment is not that easy to do from a pure accounting ...

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Calls-To-Action (CTAs) That You Should Use On Social Media

Creating effective social media CTAs (Calls-to-Action) for your dealership is in some ways against the grain for car sales people because of the aggressive way they usually promote their products.  Since social media is primarily about sharing rather than selling or asking, how you approach your friends and followers is a lot different from the typical sales promotion.  It starts with a relationship that often takes time to develop in order to be effective enough to promote your business successfully. 

That being said however, Facebook and other social media platforms are great for promoting your products ...

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