Why We Fear Rejection

In this weeks Tip, I want to talk to you about fear, specifically why we fear rejection.

Have a Productive Day!

The DLA way. ...

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Factory Recalls

The auto industry is setting records with the growing number of safety recalls, according to the 2018 NHSTA recall report, over 14,000 recalls were issued and around 30 million cars were affected. While recalls are never good news for your customers, they do present a unique opportunity for connecting with them. The recall will drive the customer to make an appointment with the Service Department, all you have to do is follow these three simple steps to turn this negative experience into a positive one.

  1.  Encourage your staff to be Proactive - Just because the manufacturer ...

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Longer Demo Drive

Tip of the Week,

Let the car sell itself.

Have a productive day,

DLA Way ...

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Your Community

Throughout this blog we have often addressed the importance of knowing your customer and working for them to build a community that they trust. Building a community of customers is every dealerships goal, and a crucial part of this is getting involved in your community. Active involvement in your community helps create brand awareness and sends a clear message about the company you are. Remember, transparency is the way forward.

An effective way of establishing a presence in your community is to partner with local organizations. It can be daunting to narrow down which organizations you may ...

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Electric Car Race

Electronic Vehicles or EV’s have been the subject of much controversy since they resurfaced in 1996 with GM’s EV1. EV’s first appeared in the mid-19th century, and were seen as a way to minimize pollution.  EV’s are generally seen as an eco-friendly solutions to the emissions problem, but their high production costs, low speed, and short battery mileage compared to the combustion engine led companies to halt productions and work to increase the fuel efficiency of the combustion engine (energy.gov).

Now, the EV race is on. It started with Tesla, in 2008 they unveiled the Roadster, their ...

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