The Perfect Service Department

Statistics show that most car owners do not return to their selling Dealership after their factory warranty has expired. This is based on their previous experiences with the service department and the perception that prices at the dealership are higher than other places. Changing a customer’s perception and providing them with a good service experience begins with the initial service walk. Of course your dealership has a fine service department, the hours are convenient, the rates are reasonable and you have trained technicians, but so do other dealerships and independent repair facilities. Instead of telling them about how awesome your ...

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Selling In The Service Lane

The service lane is the most misused opportunity for selling cars in almost every dealership. If your dealership services about thirty cars a day and you follow this approach, you should sell an additional fifteen to twenty cars a month. Of course, this requires a different approach to selling than what you would usually employ with walk-in customers. 

When you sell from the service lane, you have to take the initiative and be conscious that you may not sell the car ...

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Auto Market Future: Shifting Gears

From automakers announcing job cuts to fund electric vehicle research to Tesla's Cybertruck  unveiling, electric vehicles have been a hot topic in automotive channels. Ten years ago an electric vehicle was not often spotted but as governments look to lower fuel emissions, automakers prepare to "phase out cars powered solely by internal combustion engines" (Driving into 2025). This electric vehicle shift will impact all areas of the auto industry; in fact a study from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering found that this shift could result in the loss of 75,000 jobs in Germany.

Like the advent ...

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Thanksgiving is almost here, the time of the year where we gather together and enjoy a hearty meal surrounded by friends and family. This year it also means that not only are we are at the end of the month but the end of the year is fast approaching as well. During this final stretch to Christmas and the New Year, we get so caught up in expenses, buying last minute gifts and stretching out money that we often forget to pause and say “thank you" for the things we do have.

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Broaden Your Marketing

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services using the internet. When we think of digital marketing we often think of social media because of the amount of time we spend on it. Two hours and twenty-two minutes if you are interested in the average time spent. While I don't think that an introduction on what social media of digital marketing is necessary for most of us, there are still many dealerships that don't take advantage of the internet and it's online community. Which is surprising considering that digital marketing has been ...

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