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Providing Dealer Training Solutions for Nearly 30 Years!

Our unique solutions have helped thousands of dealerships nationwide achieve their sales and management goals!

About David Lewis & Associates

Since 1986, David Lewis & Associates (DLA) has been training Dealers, General Managers, Service Managers, Sales Managers, F&I Managers, Salespeople and Service Advisors on the "Art of Inspirational Selling." Our unique ideas have helped thousands of dealerships nationwide achieve their sales and management goals.

As an F&I Training company in the 80s, DLA created the initial concept for presenting F&I products with presentation flip charts, which later developed into what is now known as “Menu Selling.” In the 90s, DLA created the concept of “Inspirational Selling” based on the philosophy of a more Customer friendly Dealership environment.

Since 2007, David has written 5 industry related books:

The Secrets of Inspirational Selling
Understanding the Customer
Common Mistakes Automotive Salespeople Make
The Leadership Factor
Winners VS Losers

DLA provides In-Dealership training, courses at our Philadelphia Training Center and a suite of Online Video Training subjects.

Why choose David Lewis & Associates?


David Lewis & Associates is the most well-respected and established company in the industry. David Lewis & Associates was founded in 1986 by David Lewis. For almost 30 years, his mission has been the development and enhancement of Dealership personnel. His methods have been highly regarded as very Inspirational and Motivating.

DLA provides certification and training for Dealers, General Managers, General Sales Managers, Sales Managers, Secondary Finance Managers, F&I Managers and Salespeople. His book, "The Secrets of Inspirational Selling" has become an industry recognized approach for how to sell cars and promote Dealership success.

Expert Trainers

All of our Trainers are certified through our extensive DLA training program. Each Trainer has been selectively hired based on their education and past experience in the Automobile Industry. Each course is taught by a trainer with specific experience in the subject matter.


DLA training has yielded tremendous results in several areas of the Dealership. Most realize an increase in sales of around 40% in volume and an additional 60% in revenue. In the Service Department, results range from a low of 35% to a high of 70% in increased commissionable revenue.

Our Dealerships

DLA trains in both rural and metropolitan areas, in both domestic and import stores, with volume ranges from a low of 30 cars per month to a high of 1,000 cars per month. Our training benefits both the newly hired team member to the most experienced management staff.

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