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About Our Workshops

The DLA Workshops are all based on David’s concept of “Inspirational Selling and Leadership.” Each course is uniquely designed to inspire the student to think and grow as a professional within the Automotive Industry. Courses range from entry level to advanced concepts and have a proven track record of success. Class sizes are limited for maximum Trainer to Student benefits.

The 3 Stages of Learning

All DLA Workshops train on the 3 Stages of Learning concept:

  • Recognition
  • Reproduction
  • Mastery

Upon completion of each course, the student will have completed all 3 Stages of Learning and be better prepared to perform, manage and develop strong Dealership results.

5 Day Entry Level Sales Flyer

A five-day course designed for the individual just entering an Auto Sales Career. Students will learn the basic principles of how a Dealership operates and leave having learned a comprehensive outline on the steps to the sale. Students will learn how to handle the Customer's objections and how to effectively respond to them. Extensive role playing and scenario based situations will be covered, as well as a thorough segment on properly handling Phone-Ups. Each participant will return to the Dealership ready to take their first "UP."

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: New Salespeople

2 Day Advanced F&I Concepts Flyer

This two-day Advanced F&I course has been designed for the F&I Manager who is ready to take their productivity to the next level. Emphasis is placed on advanced F&I sales concepts, structured presentation steps and the art of responding to customer objections. Topics include the importance of F&I, understanding the Customer, the Banking process, and the value of developing control over the delivery process. From the sales perspective of F&I, the student will learn some very advanced techniques on how to effectively do both cash and credit union conversions, offer effective product presentations, methods for advanced Menu closing concepts, and some new and exciting ways to overcome objections. Extensive role play and group discussion are a big part of this course.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: F&I Directors, Experienced F&I Managers, New F&I Managers and Back-Up F&I Managers.

4 Day Advanced Sales Mgmt Program Flyer

This four-day Advanced Sales Management course is a complete program for all Sales Managers. Focus is placed on becoming a Leader and not a Boss. This begins by exposing them to the newest and best practices for leading a sales force to success. Topics include Inspirational Sales Processes, Advanced Negotiating Techniques, how to be an effective Coach, Hiring and Interviewing ideas, plus our DLA Train the Trainer concepts that will develop their skills on how to train their staff. This course turns Managers into true Leaders.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Dealers, GM, GSM, Sales Manager

3 Day Advanced Service Management Flyer

This three-day course is dedicated to providing experienced Service Managers with ideas, tools and techniques to grow and enhance their Service Department. The course is a complete A to Z course for all Service Managers who want to take the department to the next level. Ideas on team development, increasing revenue through better sales processes, how to track results, effective scheduling, the benefits of a quick lube and quick maintenance department, Service Advisor and technician bonus and pay plans, benefits of a Service BDC Department, the power of video in the up sell process and how to manage service expenses.

Who Should Attend: Dealers, GM's, Fixed Ops Directors, Service Managers

4 Day Advanced Sales Program Flyer

A four-day course for the experienced Salesperson who wants to take their productivity to the next level. This course is based on David’s bestselling book, “The Secrets of Inspirational Selling.” The goal of this course is for the student to get a better understanding of the Customer and how to utilize a sales approach that will lower the Customers defensive posture and create an environment conducive to higher sales and grosses. Topics include the Sales Steps, Objections, Phone Ups, Prospecting, Follow-Up and Leasing. Extensive role playing, group discussions and the creation of customized word tracks are a big part of this course.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Experiences Salespeople

2 Day Internet/BDC Lead Generation Flyer

This two-day course is a complete program on effective Lead Generation ideas and concepts for both the internet process and inbound phone leads. Focus is placed on creating Dialogue with the Customer, which in return will create a better opportunity to secure an appointment. Email, Chat and Phone scripts will be created, reviewed and examined, along with structured concepts for ongoing sold and unsold Customer follow-up. This course includes extensive role play and live interactive critiquing of current methods used by most Dealerships.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Internet/BDC Personnel, Sales Managers

4 Day Entry Level Service Advisor Flyer

A four-day course for the individual who is either just starting their career as a Service Advisor or an experienced Service Advisor who truly needs to get back to the basics of selling service. This course focuses on understanding the Service Customer, structured sales steps in the Service Lane, phone strategies, up sell techniques, objection responses and how to deal with rejection and stress. A big part of this course provides training on the power of Video in the Service Up sell process. There is a tremendous amount of discussion and role playing within this course.

Who Should Attend: Entry Level Service Advisors, Experienced Service Advisors

2 ½ Day Advanced Service Advisor Flyer

This 2 ½-day course is a complete program for the experienced Service Advisor who wants to take their productivity to the next level. This course places tremendous emphasis on truly understanding the Service Customer in both their perceptions of what they expect and how that perception affects the outcome of the visit. New and proven ideas will be presented for increasing service sales, how to do an effective Service walk-around presentation, ways to handle the Customer on the phone and methods for speeding up the Customer's entire service visit, plus the power of video in the up sell process. Additional topics will include how to deal with Customer complaints, becoming a better listener and how to deal with on-the-job stress.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Service Directors, Service Managers, Service Advisors

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