Your Sales Team will sell more cars and yield higher profits using our "Inspirational Selling" method. Over 200 video segments and 22 hours of material cover everything from the meet & greet, qualification, vehicle selection, demo ride, handling objections, phone-ups, closing the sale, to customer follow-up and prospecting.


Sales Meeting

Every Monday David shares his ideas and thoughts in our weekly Monday Morning Sales Meeting. Topics range from new sales ideas to thoughts of motivation and inspiration. Starting the week off on a positive note is one of the best things one can do and David’s Monday Morning Sales Meeting is just the place for that to occur.


Winners versus Losers

This online course contains 51 sessions on what separates a Winner from a Loser. Why is it that some people experience great success, while others languish in mediocrity or outright failure? Is it just a matter of luck or fate that makes one person achieve success over others? Or are there absolute principles that determine the outcome for those who discover them and apply them to their lives?


Sales Management

Learn how to create, grow, train and motivate a top quality dealership sales staff with our DLA Online Sales Management course. This course covers training expectations, accountability management, communication skills, training and coaching techniques, advanced negotiation concepts, how to manage stress, plus motivational and hiring processes. Leaders lead by example and this course provides the examples needed to be that strong Sales Manager.



Within the 105 videos in our DLA Online Leadership series, we explore all the personalities and traits needed to be an effective Manager. Leadership has proven to be a learned skill, and once accomplished, benefits everyone on the team. This module will transform the mediocre manager into a true leader that inspires their team to be the best.


Train the Trainer

This 20 hour course in the DLA Online Video Library not only teaches the methods of how to effectively train, but also provides over 70 pre-designed lesson plans that the trainer can use to educate and motivate their staff. Most do not enjoy sales meetings or training sessions because they become repetitious and boring. Add some spice to your next session from what this series provides.



Our DLA Internet/BDC Online course can act as both the foundation and growth opportunity to increase your rate of leads and sales from your Internet/BDC Department. This 30-hour course focuses on truly understanding the Internet shopper, what their real needs are, and how to communicate with them in a manner that will lower their defensive posture and increase the rate of appointments for the Dealership.



A complete F&I Online Training course that is designed to realize a $200-$400 increase per each unit sold. Advanced concepts for menu selling, objection responses and conversion processes are all covered. There are also videos on how to develop the proper F&I image, ways to increase the rate of bank approvals through stronger lender relations and some very profitable ideas for selling extended service agreements in the Service Department.


Secondary Finance

The Online Secondary Finance course is an A-Z program that demonstrates the effective way to maximize your Secondary Finance Department. All of the sessions are designed for both the novice and expert who operate the department. Emphasis is placed on the Secondary Finance sales process, understanding the difference between a Secondary and Retail buyer, inventory controls and advertising.


Service Advisor

The DLA Online Service Advisor course focuses on two main areas. First, understanding the service customer to include, both their true wants and needs. Second, how to maximize all the opportunities for increasing both the upsell opportunities and the amount of paid labor. Expected results from this course average around a 30-60% increase in paid service labor.


Service Managers (In Post Production – Coming Soon)

The DLA module for Service Managers is clearly the most robust training available for providing ideas, tools and techniques. Topics include where to find talented people, service pay plans, understanding the Service Customer, effective marketing strategies, ideas for increasing revenue, how to operate an Express Maintenance Department, the benefits of a Service BDC and process for creating higher service CSI score. Plus so much more…


Service BDC (In Post Production – Coming Soon)

Operating a Service BDC is not something you want to do without the proper training. Customers who call your Dealership want to know they are speaking with someone knowledgeable that can help them with their problems. This module of over 200 videos explains the process, goals and tools needed for success. There are also over 30 different email templates and phone scripts that have a proven track record of success.


Stress Management

The number one killer of a great employee is stress. In this module the students will learn how to recognize, understand and deal with both work and personal related stress. They will uncover how stress affects their daily lives and how it exacerbates other heath issues. Finally, they will learn methods to reduce their stress level that will make them more efficient at work and be able to relax when not at work.


Certification Programs

Upon completion of any one of our DLA Online training courses, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion stating the course and agenda that has been covered. Becoming DLA Certified is an invaluable credential to anyone’s automotive career. Our certifications have become well known and respected within the automotive community.

Extensive Reporting

Our reporting features within DLA Online help you manage our online training program and ensure that your employees are utilizing the training tools that you make available to them. Reports include usage, dates viewed and test scores. Managing this data is simple with our state of the art Online Dashboard.


The Online Dashboard allows both the user and the Manager to easily navigate through the Online Courses. User dashboards display videos watched, test scores and courses available at the DLA Training Center. The Management Dashboard displays the same information, but can be viewed as a Dealership synopsis or broken down by each individual user for easy review.

In-Dealership Trainer

As part of our Online Training you can begin the program with a visit from one of our Certified DLA Trainers. The goal is to provide a 1 day In-Dealership session that will create some initial results and establish a regular training agenda for viewing the online courses. This training is a tremendous enhancement for your Dealership’s online experience.

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