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Industry Leading Author and Speaker

David Lewis is the President of David Lewis & Associates (DLA), which is located in Melbourne, Florida. Since 1986, David has been training Dealers, General Managers, Service Managers, Sales Managers, F&I Managers, Salespeople and Service Advisors on the "Art of Inspirational Selling.” His unique ideas have helped thousands of dealerships nationwide achieve their sales and management goals. In 2007, David shared his ideas in a book titled, "The Secrets of Inspirational Selling," which gained immediate popularity. He has also written "The Leadership Factor," "Understanding Your Customer," and "Common Mistakes Automotive Salespeople Make."

Secrets Of Inspirational Selling

Learn how the art of Inspirational Selling can make your automotive career thrive. David Lewis opens the door and shares with you surprising ways to increase your sales and grosses. His concept creates a non pressure selling environment that enhances the sales process for both the Customer and the Dealership. Closing the sale is so much easier once the Customer is INSPIRED to buy from YOU!

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Understanding Your Customer

In this book, you will learn what every Automotive Salesperson needs to know about their Customers. Learn how to judge the Customer’s behavior, why Customers are so defensive, the difference between an obstacle and an objection, the five variable conditions Customers represent, a unique sales process that creates more sales and how to gain customers for life. Plus, much more!

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Common Mistakes Automotive Salespeople Make

Within these chapters, you will learn the most common mistakes Automotive Salespeople and Sales Managers make on a daily basis. Whether you are new to automobile sales or a veteran of many years, this book will be useful to you in the task of building a successful and admirable career in the business of selling cars. Mistakes are a part of life, Learn from them and your career will soar.

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The Leadership Factor

Anyone can be a Manager or Boss, but true WINNERS want to be great LEADERS. This book explores the philosophies and actions of what it takes to be a great Leader of people. Learn the characteristics and qualities successful Leaders utilize and how strong leadership will grow your Dealership. All of the concepts within this leadership book are based on working in the Retail Automotive Dealership.

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Winners VS Losers

This book has been written as a personal roadmap to help you re-discover your dreams or create a reality of an even better one than you had before. I hope you will view this as a treasure map of sorts leading to the vision you have intended for your life. Reaching your destination will be determined by your personal will, strengths and commitment. You may not even know what your dream in life is or you may have left it somewhere along the path viewing it as a foolish idea that would never come to pass, but if you have dreams, then why not have the desire and goal to achieve them. Your future is up to you. I know the words within this book will guide you to your ultimate success. It has for me.

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