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Negotiations: 3.5 Hours

$145.00 / Free for Members

A 3.5 hour course designed around giving the student a true skill set on mastering the negotiation process with their clients, in any situation. Far too often salespeople are not equipped to handle some of the most common negotiation obstacles or objections, this often leads to a loss of sales and personal income. In this course, the student will gain a complete knowledge of what negotiations is, the psychology taking place within negotiations, and how to close any sale no matter the degree of difficulty. The student will learn the DLA objection handling process and how to effectively justify the offering to any type of customer. The student will learn the most common negotiation mistakes and how to avoid them. The end result will be more sales, more gross, more income, and much happier customers.

Who Should Attend: Sales Managers, Salespeople, BDC Staff

  • COURSE CODE: L31568700F1
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