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F&I: 2 Days

$295.00 / Free for Members

This two-day course has been designed for the F&I Manager that is ready to take their productivity to the next level. Emphasis will be placed on advanced F&I sales concepts, structured presentation steps and the art of responding to customer objections. Topics will include the importance of F&I, understanding the Customer, the Banking process, and the value of developing control over the delivery process. From the sales perspective of F&I, the student will learn some very advanced techniques on how to effectively do both cash and credit union conversions, present effective product presentations, methods for advanced Menu closing concepts, and some new and exciting ways to overcome objections. Extensive role play and group discussion are a big part of this course.

Who Should Attend: F&I Directors, F&I Managers, and Back-Up F&I Managers

  • COURSE CODE: L31568700F1
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