Women Crush It In Dealerships | Meg Griffiths

One of the toughest challenges in the retail automotive industry is turnover. Replacing staff costs dealers billions of dollars in profitability. In 2017,  Automotive News  reported that the poor retention of employees costs the average dealership more than $500,000 in gross profit annually. 

So naturally when we at DLA heard about a dealership that tackles that staggering statistic by moving a general manager up in the ranks, it was an obvious choice to honor our next recipient for #DLAWomenCrushItInDealrships. This month’s honoree is Meg Griffiths of The Sussman Organization in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

Meg Griffiths was recently appointed to the position of General Manager of Sussman Hyundai/Genesis and has worked for The Sussman organization since high school. Meg was able to adapt to different positions within the dealership, as she outgrew each seat through experience and advanced education. The Sussman Family therefore recognized her desire to take on challenges and rewarded her after each move from sales, finance manager, sales manager and as of six weeks ago - general manager.

Meg told me that her commitment to the Sussman organization is due to their unending commitment to her growth. “They’ve been good to me. They consistently give me the tools that enable me to take my career to the next level.” Of those tools that Meg has spoken about is partnering with David Lewis & Associates for training. 

She describes her leadership as patient, highly competitive and expecting the limit from herself while pushing for the best when it relates to her team. Meg: “Consistent training is a crucial part of having a competitive advantage.” Unfortunately there are not a lot of professional car salespeople left in the industry. With DLA we’re able to take a candidate who has never sold anything and take them to a whole new level in one week, and after, they are eager to go back for follow up classes.”
Her goal is simply to support her team. “Going to the DLA training gives men and women confidence.” 
Consistently attending training  creates a culture where her team finds value in learning new things within each session. “I tell them you can be average and you won’t sell a lot of cars, or you can go to training for a week and be better than average.”

Meg also said that she does not get pushback from her staff because they hear from the others who’ve experienced the value in what David Lewis and Associates offers within their sessions. “Once they come back they are thrilled and use what they’ve learned to sell more cars. Our customers have a better sales experience.”

Meg Griffith’s conscious leadership style has gained her tremendous respect and admiration from her team. 

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