Top 4 Things Customers Research Before Visiting Your Car Dealership

The Internet is a wonderful thing, is it not? We can research just about anything in the universe in under 3 seconds. However, this ability to conduct quick research has both helped and hurt us in the auto industry.

Customers now have the ability to research the vehicles they want before they ever step foot into our dealerships. Whereas in the old days when customers would have to visit the dealership to get brochures and information, they can now get details about the vehicle, what other people in their area have paid for that vehicle, and ultimately collect their bargaining tools before they ever walk onto the lot.

Rather than get frustrated at this new way of auto sales shopping, embrace it! The key to working with well-informed customers is to know what they are searching for on the internet. We have gathered the top 4 search items for car buyers on the internet today, and knowing these will change your sales approach forever: 

1.  What Brands the Dealership Sells and Their Current Inventory

Many Customers know the type and brand of vehicle they are looking for, but they may not know that YOU carry these brands. The Internet allows your potential customers to research things like quality, options and benefits, as well as the resale value of the vehicles they are thinking about buying. Often they will often want to know what specific vehicles you have in stock as far as colors and option packages. Therefore, the more information you have listed about your vehicles in stock the better. Including high-quality images of all of your vehicles will set you apart from your competition since customers today are more visually-driven than ever before. 

2.  Past Customer Reviews

What previous Customers have to say about a Dealership is very important to your shopping Customer.  Dealership websites that post genuine Customer review views on their site and have a good report on social media can make a Customer feels safe about going to a Dealership to shop. Make sure to post these reviews frequently to as many locations on the internet as possible. How do you get these reviews? Ask for them! A happy satisfied Customer will always want to leave a positive review for the salesperson and the Dealership where they purchased their vehicle. 

3. Trade-In Values

Most informed Customers today will do at least some research on the trade-in value of their current vehicle if they plan to use it as part of their new purchase. Knowing not only the Blue Book value of their vehicle, but also what other customers have gotten for their trades, gives your customer more confidence to start out on their car-buying journey. Having a tool that allows them to gather this information will be more likely to draw potential customers to YOUR website over the competition. 

4. Their Credit Rating

Since credit plays such a big part in the vehicle purchase process today, most Customers will research their own credit rating before they ever go to a Dealership. Customers want to have a better understanding of what interest rates they should expect to pay if they finance at the Dealership. With their credit rating in hand, they are also more likely to contact their own bank to get finance rates. 

Are you finding the same to be true at your Dealership? There are so many tricks of the car-selling trade that can make the difference between hitting your selling goals, exceeding them, or falling short again. Sign up for the DLA experience and you will learn all of these tricks and so much more. 

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