How do I decide between In-dealership or Off-site Training?

When the time comes to make budget cuts what we truly need the most will get cut simply because it’s not being used. I see this far too often with dealership coaching and motivational training that helps your team hit their goals. It is often viewed as an expense rather than as an investment.

There are a few things that you need to ask yourself when choosing a sales training program...

 The first is, will I use it to its fullest potential?

 It is in your best interest to take a realistic look at how a training program will fit into your schedule and operations on a consistent basis.

 Listed below are your best options

·       In-dealership training

·       Off site training

·       A combination of the two above

In-Dealership Training

Customized programs to fit the dealership's hours of operation… 

Proven structured sales processes make better use of your team’s time and helps them master the art of communicating with buyers. A professional trainer provides tremendous motivation through their use of personal examples and they possess the experience to deliver their training in a dynamic way. It offers an environment of a judgment free zone for your staff to ask questions that they might not otherwise do in front of management. This isn’t the case when using a company staff member to host your training sessions. 

Fixed Ops...

In the case of your service department the best training is done with references to real life experiences. In this scenario, In-dealership training is crucial. It can be accomplished by having the trainer work with your team right within the service lane directly relating their real life examples of how to elevate the customer service experience.

 Location, location, location...

For the employee, training done in-house on a dealership's premises saves you valuable time which otherwise would have been lost on commuting from the dealership to the training location.

Off-Site Training

Going away allows participants to both physically and mentally separate from their traditional work environment and put the time aside to advance their skill levels for improved performance; helping them devote their focus to learning new skills and methods designed to advance their team and dealership to the next level.   

The “environment” factor is essential to ideal learning. Staying on-site, may reduce the return by compromising the learning experience.

When a dealership sends an employee off for professional training, they recognize it as a commitment to their success and appreciate the fact that they are valued enough for the dealership to invest in their future.  

This tends to cultivate loyalty in the employee and makes them work harder than ever to show their appreciation by giving their best efforts to become as successful as possible.

Learning from others...

This gives them a chance to share their ideas with peers who are working within other markets.

Customizable Combo

A combination of both in-dealership and off-site training is often the answer for the dealerships fully committed to their overall success. It is a great thing for the members of your team to know that their dealership is committed to improving their skills as leaders within your company.

A mix of both on site and off site training offers something for every team member’s level of learning and comfort ability. Creating such a program helps to create a culture within your dealership that encourages team building.

 In the end a training program is only as good as those who use it. Dealership management benefits from continued learning and there is always something new or old that they may be reminded that will benefit them personally as well as professionally.

The benefit of continued sales training goes beyond new hires and certainly supersedes cutting this valuable resource from your budget.

Your entire team will be current on proven solutions that best serve and retain customers. Realizing the value of what they are taught, they will gladly take the training, sequentially reduce turnover.

For today's search savvy buyer, the path to purchase involves many touch points before ultimately heading into your dealership. Will your team win your customers' trust, confidence and long-term patronage as well as help customers overcome their fears that they might have from negative past experiences?



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