Don't Have an Auto Dealership Blog Yet? Now's The Time To Start.

Blogging on your website is much more than just a way to have a dialogue with online shoppers or Customers, it is a critical part of building and growing your online presence and drawing traffic to your site.  Blogging can and should be interesting and present a wide variety of topics for your readers, but it is also crucial to make sure the keywords and titles of your topic and visual content are designed to attract the attention of the search engines that will then drive more traffic to your car dealership's website.

Because relevancy scores are important to your web ranking, it is always good when your content inspires readers to interact by commenting on your blog and forwarding it to other friends on social media.  The value of this is so often not understood by the readers and it is good to remind them to make comments to your blog articles, whether they appreciate or disagree with them.

Coming up with blog content ideas should not just be left to chance.  The more you connect to current topics of interest on the web, the better your chances of your articles being picked up by others through your RSS Feeds, or being forwarded via email and  social media to friends, thus spreading your blog and website out to a larger audience.  Your potential readers will come from a broad base of interests so the more you cover anything that will increase their knowledge of vehicles and auto industry topics, the better chance your blog can become an information hub for car sales or service shoppers.

Taking the time to develop a quarterly or seasonal list of topics for your blog can make the task a little easier.  Look at the articles which draw most interest from your readers.  This can be a good guide for future topics to cover.


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