Calls-To-Action (CTAs) That You Should Use On Social Media

Creating effective social media CTAs (Calls-to-Action) for your dealership is in some ways against the grain for car sales people because of the aggressive way they usually promote their products.  Since social media is primarily about sharing rather than selling or asking, how you approach your friends and followers is a lot different from the typical sales promotion.  It starts with a relationship that often takes time to develop in order to be effective enough to promote your business successfully. 

That being said however, Facebook and other social media platforms are great for promoting your products and services if you maintain a steady presence there and interact enough to become a familiar face.  If you are always accessible to your Facebook followers and offer value on a regular basis, when you do place a Call-to-Action message to your Followers they will be more inclined to respond favorably.

A CTA may be something as simple as getting them to visit you website or sign up for your blog or a promotion for a special you are having in Sales or Service. The key is framing it in a way that your friends and followers will see as valuable to them.  If you are new to social media don’t start out by hammering your site with CTA’s.  Let it build a good following and see how people react to your interactions.

Your goals should be to inspire followers with the value your products and services can add to their lives.  If you can do that they will be more likely to want to engage with you from a business perspective.  When they see that you have something that will benefit them, they will not hesitate to spend their money with you.  You should always offer value without obligation, but imply that there’s more value to be had if they take the action you want them to take.When you can show followers the value of your CTA’s they will see the benefit and respond accordingly.


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