How to Measure the Value of Professional Sales Training

Any business entity that decides to take on the commitment of training employees for higher levels of skill and achievement would certainly want to know that their training dollars are being well spent.
  Calculating your ROI (Return On Investment) properly is not as easy as just adding up how much your profit has increased or decreased as a result of your investment in training.  Discovering whether or not you are getting value for your investment is not that easy to do from a pure accounting ...

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Calls-To-Action (CTAs) That You Should Use On Social Media

Creating effective social media CTAs (Calls-to-Action) for your dealership is in some ways against the grain for car sales people because of the aggressive way they usually promote their products.  Since social media is primarily about sharing rather than selling or asking, how you approach your friends and followers is a lot different from the typical sales promotion.  It starts with a relationship that often takes time to develop in order to be effective enough to promote your business successfully. 

That being said however, Facebook and other social media platforms are great for promoting your products ...

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Why Do Customers Choose Leasing versus Financing?

For someone who likes a new car every few years, leasing can be a tremendous way to get their new vehicle. Having been around now for a while, car buyers are a lot savvier to what the potential benefits and downsides are and for many today leasing is a foregone conclusion.  If they want more car than they can afford to purchase, or if they plan to change vehicles every 2 or 3 years, leasing offers a lot of benefits that can make it an attractive alternative to purchasing.

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Don't Have an Auto Dealership Blog Yet? Now's The Time To Start.

Blogging on your website is much more than just a way to have a dialogue with online shoppers or Customers, it is a critical part of building and growing your online presence and drawing traffic to your site.  Blogging can and should be interesting and present a wide variety of topics for your readers, but it is also crucial to make sure the keywords and titles of your topic and visual content are designed to attract the attention of the search engines that will then drive more traffic to your car dealership's website.

Because ...

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How to Drive Sales From Factory Recalls

Factory recalls can be a boon for car dealerships if their Service Advisors are good at the selling part of their job.  The auto industry is setting records with the growing number of safety recalls, which means more and more drivers will be coming to your Service Department giving you an opportunity to sell products and services other than those that are part of the recall.  In 2015, GM alone recalled 20 million vehicles in the first six months of the year, and most Read more

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